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MINI 4 Mobility Scooter


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The Mini 4 Mobility Scooter features a distinctive slimline frame, this makes it great to use on public walkways and paths due to its slender width.

Furthermore the Mini 4 features a unique quick release assembly. This allows the unit to easily be placed within a car boot, making it a great choice for regular travellers.

Performance wise, the Mini 4 can achieve a top speed of 4mph, with a battery range of up to 12.4 Miles.

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The Mini 4 is one of our most popular 4mph mobility scooters. One of the reasons customers like it so much is that it’s easy to dismantle and reassemble. This makes the Mini 4 the ideal travel mobility scooter, fitting easily into the back of any car.

The Mini 4 can carry 21 stones and has a range of up to 12 miles. Impressive when you consider that most 4mph mobility scooters have an 8 mile range.

At Monarch Mobility we specialise in 4mph mobility scooters. Our 4mph mobility scooters are designed specifically for use on pavements and public walkways. As a result, they are ideal for shopping trips. Furthermore they are nimble, achieving the equivalent of a brisk walking pace.

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Pneumatic or solid tyres

Maximum Range of 12.4 Miles*

Break Apart Action For Easy Boot Storage

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Available in lime green

Maximum carrying capacity 21 stone

  • Maximum carrying capacity 21 stone
  • Maximum speed 4mph
  • Range up to 12.4 miles*
  • Pneumatic or solid tyres
  • Available in lime green
  • Simple and easy to take apart

Available on Motability? Yes £17.95 p/w

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