Mojo Manual Folding Mobility Scooter

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Mojo Manual Folding Mobility Scooter

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  • Strong: Carries up to 21 stones
  • Convenient: Folds in 5 seconds
  • Comfortable: Pressure relief seat


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Light & Compact, the NEW Mojo Manual Folding Mobility Scooter

Eight years ago Monarch Mobility introduced the folding scooter to the UK. Many of our competitors have copied our design, making the folding scooter market a highly competitive one. Over the years the race has been on to reduce the weight folding mobility scooters to a manageable level, not least so that you, the user, can lift your scooter easily into your car.

Many have tried and failed, by simply stripping back the folding scooter to its bare bones! At best the user looks like they are riding a few tubes of metal, and at worst, the scooter design is compromised.

At last, the amazingly lightweight Mojo Manual Folding Mobility Scooter has arrived!

Here at Monarch Mobility we have designed a brand new folding scooter which achieves those all-important ‘travel-friendly’ credentials. What’s more, we have not compromised on sleekness or looks. In fact, the heaviest part of this robust little scooter comes in at a tiny 11.5kg.

It’s not all about weight-saving…

The new Mojo Manual Folding Mobility Scooter might be compact and feather-light, but there is so much more to to tell. Mojo comes with a comfortable seat and backrest to enhance your comfort. In addition, honeycomb tyres deliver a softer ride, whilst the ingenious folding mechanism is fully automatic.

With a host of other features (such as LED front lights to keep you safe) the amazing Mojo comes in a range of 4 colours.

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At the touch of a button the Mojo mobility scooter folds away in seconds thanks to its electronic automatic folding system. With a maximum battery range of up to 9 miles and a top speed of 4mph, it’s little wonder that the Mojo is one of our most popular folding mobility scooters.Fitting easily in the boot of your car Mojo is perfect for shopping trips, supermarkets and getting out and about.

At Monarch Mobility we specialise in 4mph mobility scooters and folding mobility scooters. Our 4mph mobility scooters are designed specifically for use on pavements and public walkways. As a result, they are ideal for shopping trips. Furthermore, they are nimble. So, with a top speed of 4mph these compact, little mobility scooters are equivalent to a brisk walking pace.

Call the mobility experts and ask about Mojo Folding Mobility Scooter

You can call our mobility experts at any time. They can advise on everything from technical specifications to running costs.

Our Folding Mobility Scooters are versatile and lightweight. Folding in seconds, the unique design makes them ideal for frequent car travellers.

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Heaviest part 11.5kg

Range up to 9 miles*

* Range is dependent upon user
weight, terrain, incline, temperature
and battery conditions.

Ready in seconds!

Comfortable Seat and Back Rest

21 stones maximum user weight

  • Honeycomb Tyres
  • Detachable
  • Heaviest part 11.5kg
  • LED Lights
  • Carry Weight 21 Stone
  • Range 9 Miles*
  • Pressure relief Seat and Back Rest
  • Available in 4 Colours ,Blue, Red, Yellow and Turquoise

Available on Motability?: No
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