6mph Mobility Scooters

6mph Mobility Scooters are the perfect all-rounder. They combine good economy with versatility. Capable of a top speed of 6mph, these scooters are class 3 certified. This means they can be registered for use UK public roads. All of this makes the 6mph range ideal for use around town and for trips to the shops.
We promise to always offer the highest standard of service and support, wherever you live in the UK. We will work to your budget and your needs to find the right scooter. You can always rely on us to keep you mobile!
Contact Monarch Mobility today for advice on choosing the best 6mph scooter for you. Call 0808 102 2218 to arrange a test drive. Also, don’t forget to ask about Motability options.

Our 6mph Mobility Scooters are perfect for those looking for a balance between practicality and speed. The best of both worlds! As a result, they have become our most popular models with customers who like to get about town.

With a top speed of 6mph, each scooter in the range is class 3 certified. This means they can be registered for use UK public roads. In addition, you will also find them economical to run.

The perfect all-rounder.

Go anywhere! Thanks to a smaller chassis design (compared with most Class 3 scooters), our 6mph scooters are amply suited for use around town. In other words, shopping trips become easier.

The Multi 6 is in stock. Call today for full specifications on our 6mph range – 0808 102 2218.

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Multi 4 Mobility Scooter

Multi 6

Multi 6 Mobility Scooter

    • Class 3
    • Top speed of 6mph
    • Up to 22 miles range*
    • Puncture proof solid tyres
    • Adjustable upholstered seat with armrests
    • Delta bar system with easy to use interface
    • Front and rear lights
    • Available in exclusive Valentino Red

* Range is dependent upon user weight, terrain, incline, temperature and battery conditions.

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