Motability Scooters

Proud partners of the Motability scheme, Monarch has one of the UK’s largest ranges of  Motability Scooters.

The Motability Scheme helps you get mobile by enabling you to exchange some of your higher rate mobility allowance. This means you can lease a new mobility scooter or powered wheelchair.

As a rule, mobility scooters and powerchairs cost less to lease per week than your mobility allowance. Because of this, the remainder of your allowance continues to be paid directly to you. At Monarch we strive to offer not only the widest range of Mobility Scooters, but also accessible funding options.

Our Motability range includes 4mph, 6mph, 8mph and folding scooters. Some of our most popular models such as the Smarti, Mighty Mini and our newest arrival, the slimline Mini 4 Mobility Scooter!

For more information on how to get the best from Motability click here or call 0800 002 9633 today.