Road Legal Mobility Scooters (6mph & 8mph Mobility Scooters)

Road Legal Mobility Scooters (typically 8mph Mobility Scooters) are Class-3 certified and can be registered for use on UK public roads. This makes all of our 6mph and 8mph mobility scooters ideal for use around town and for trips to the shops.

Why choose an Class-3 Road Legal Mobility Scooter?

At 6mph and 8mph, Class-3 Road Legal Mobility Scooters are the largest and most comfortable in our fleet. With their extended range, a faster cruising speed and solid construction, Road Legal disability scooters are perfect for getting out and about on the roads.

Bigger and more robust than their little brothers, 6mph and 8mph road scooters are more comfortable, and more fun, when it comes to being OUTDOORS. At 8mph a two mile trip to the shops will take just 15 minutes! In addition to their impressive pace, these tough machines boast a greater weight capacity and longer battery life than their 4mph counterparts.

Best of both worlds.

Despite its classification, you are permitted to ride your road legal mobility scooter on the pavements too (so no traffic jams). Our 6mph & 8mph mobility scooters range includes favourites such as the Vogue Sport ,the Vogue XL, Sprint-8 and MM8 models.


Monarch Mobility celebrates 21 years as one of the largest road legal mobility scooter retailers in the UK and a fully accredited MOTABILITY PARTNER. Based in Yorkshire our fleet of vans services the whole country, delivering and demonstrating the latest and best 6mph and 8mph mobility scooters. Our team of road legal mobility scooter specialists and expert engineers are ready to help YOU wherever you are.

Contact Monarch Mobility today for advice on choosing the best road legal mobility scooter. Call 0800 002 9633 to arrange a free home demonstration.

Road Legal Mobility Scooters:

  • 8mph mobility scooters – Class 3

  • 6mph mobility scooters – Class 3

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