“The Monarch Genie is the lightest genuine 4-wheel folding scooter in the world.”

We set out to substantiate the above claim by researching those companies which have similar assertions or state that their scooter is one of the lightest on the market. Below is a list of retailers who offer light weight 4-wheel folding scooters. To find more information about our survey along with a full URL list of retailers, go to Scooter Weight Survey.

Why is the weight of a folding scooter always displayed “excluding battery”?

It is quite normal for a mobility scooter retailer to display the weight of the scooter excluding the battery. The reason for this is that the consumer needs to know exactly how much weight they will be lifting into or out of a boot in one go. Components which can be easily detached (such as batteries and seats) are typically listed separately. The weight of the Monarch Genie is 17.25kg excluding the battery, nevertheless the combined weight is STILL significantly less than the total weight of the nearest competitor.


Scooter Name Scooter Weight Country Website
Drive: Auto Flex 25kg USA View link
Drive: Airfold Pro 20kg UK View link
Drive: AutoFold Elite 25kg UK View link
Drive; Transformer 27.5kg France View link
Comfy: MS/3000 Plus 28.6kg Germany View link
Drive: Dual wheel Auto Fold 21.5kg UK View link
Lightest Mobility: I3 Folding 27.2kg Italy View link
Drive; Manual Fold + 19.8kg UK View link
Solax: Mobie Plus 24kg Europe View link
Drive: Manual Fold 23.4kg UK View link
Drive: Ultrafold 22kg UK View link
All Mobility: Luggie Elite 23.4kg Spain View link
Livewell: Instafold 25kg UK View link
JBH; Carbon Fibre 19kg UK View link
Betty & Berty: Zinnia 28kg UK View link
Carco: QS4 26kg View link
Hyseco: Mojo 24.6kg Belgium View link
Careco: Li Tech 25.8kg View link
Careco: Scootcase 22.6kg View link
Electric Mobility: Smilie 29.9kg View link
Kymco: K Lite 22.2kg View link