The Monarch Air is the lightest genuine 4-wheel boot scooter in the world.

We set out to substantiate the above claim by researching those companies which have similar assertions or state that their scooter is one of the lightest on the market. Below is a list of retailers who offer light weight 4-wheel boot scooters. To find more information about our survey along with a full URL list of retailers, go to Scooter Weight Survey.

Why is the weight of a boot scooter always displayed “excluding battery”?

It is quite normal for a mobility scooter retailer to display the weight of the scooter excluding the battery. The reason for this is that the consumer needs to know exactly how much weight they will be lifting into or out of a boot in one go. Components which can be easily detached (such as batteries and seats) are typically listed separately. The weight of the Monarch Air is 14.8kg excluding the battery, nevertheless the combined weight is STILL significantly less than the total weight of the nearest competitor.


Scooter Name Scooter Weight Country Wheels Website
EV Rider 23.4 Kg USA 4 View link
Buzzaround carry on 27.2 Kg USA 4 View Link
RIDER GYPSY 16.7Kg USA 4 View link
Goldon Buzz Around 29.7Kg USA 4 View link
ComfyGo 28.5Kg USA 4 View link
aktivimo 4-Rad 45Kg Germany 4 View link
Viva 4 39.9Kg Germany 4 View link
Rolektro E Quad 51.3KG Germany 4 View link
Elektromobil Veo Sport 52Kg Germany 4 View link
Elite Plus 28Kg Germany 4 View link
Maleta 25.5 Kg Australia 4 View link
Quest 23 Kg Australia 4 View link
Mojo 20.2kg Australia 4 View link
Genie 26kg Australia 4 View link
Smart Traveller 25.5Kg Australia 4 View link
X Rider 25.1KG Israel 4 View link
GO GO Elite 45Kg Israel 4 View link
Literider 59 kg Israel 4 View link
Lite 20kg Israel 4 View link
Little Star 35kg Israel 4 View link
Pride Maximum 77.5Kg UAE 4 View link
Thunder X 21.5 Kg UAE 4 View link
Pride Apex 27.5Kg UAE 4 View link
WX11 21Kg UAE 4 View link
Heartway 28 Kg UAE 4 View link
HS295U 50Kg Malaysia 4 View link
Mobie 25kG Malaysia 4 View link
Electric Light Weight 35Kg Malaysia 4 View link
Phonix Hd4 60Kg Malaysia 4 View link
Travel Scoot 17.8kG UK 4 View link
Alumina 33Kg UK 4 View link
Drive 4 Wheel 23.4Kg UK 4 View link
Weight Explanation
ComfyGo Weight Broken down by parts USA 4 View link
Elite Plus Weight without Battery Germany 4 View link
Mojo Weight with Rear End Removed Australia 4 View link
Little Star Heaviest Part weight Israel 4 View link
Pride Apex Heaviest Part weight UAE 4 View link
Alumina Weight without battery UK 4 View link

Other types of scooter

The above list represents 4 wheel scooters. There are, of course, lightweight 3-wheel scooters available on the market which trade stability for weight reduction. Monarch Mobility does not sell 3-wheel boot scooters.

Three mobility scooters side by side

Monarch Air

£1,995.00 Price with VAT relief

Monarch Air

The lightest genuine 4-wheel boot scooter in the world!

INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF £1995 – Save £300 on rrp.


If you would like to see any scooter or powerchair up close call us now on 0800 002 9633 and book a FREE home demonstration.


A lot of thought has gone into this amazing, feather-light scooter. Though “lightness” was a design priority, we refused to compromise on build quality. That’s why the MONARCH AIR is made from super-strong magnesium alloy.

Putting YOUR Safety First

Three-wheelers might be light, but they are very unforgiving on corners (even at low speeds). Four wheels, on the other hand, are far more reassuring! The MONARCH AIR not only feels safe to operate, it offers the perfect driving position thanks to an adjustable tiller guarantees.

  • Premium build quality
  • Lightweight
  • 8” PU wheels, solid front and back
  • Maximum weight capacity 125kg
  • 120W brushless motor
  • Maximum speed 4mph
  • Weighs only 14.75Kg (excluding battery & seat cushion)
  • 10Ah battery included
  • 7.5 Mile Range
  • Off Board Charging Facility
  • Magnesium Alloy Frame and Wheels