Mobility Scooter Batteries & Chargers 
Easily manage your mobility scooter with the right power source – order your long-lasting mobility scooter batteries and chargers today at Monarch Mobility for peace of mind and total travel convenience!

Mobility scooter battery replacements

Owning a mobility scooter comes with its own set of responsibilities when it comes to maintenance, which is why it’s important to ensure you have mobility scooter replacement batteries ready, so there are no limits to where you can go and for how long.

Find the right battery or charger for your mobility scooter

Unsure of where to start? Enquire with us today and our team of mobility experts will happily advise you on the right mobility scooter battery or charger for your chosen mobility scooter. For instance, if you own a popular mobility scooter model such as the Genie folding mobility scooter, a lithium-ion mobility scooter battery will be most suitable.

Already browsing our full range of mobility scooters? Consider which mobility scooter is most compatible with your lifestyle regarding maintenance and regular battery or charging upkeep.

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For personalised advice on pairing the right charger or battery for your mobility scooter, contact us at 0800 002 9633. If you’re in Yorkshire, why not visit our mobility equipment dealership in Halifax and browse our extensive stock of mobility scooters in person?

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