Folding Mobility Scooters

Tough and reliable, our folding mobility scooters are ideal for regular use and getting on with your travels!
These scooters are trusty travel companions that are easy to bring along for the ride through their lightweight and compact design. With both remote control and manual features, we offer new, state-of-the-art mobility with something for every budget and preference.
Our car boot mobility scooters fit comfortably into the boot of most cars and our travel mobility scooters will assist you on various long-haul travel transportations!
Our folding mobility scooter range has many varying travel benefits, whether you’re searching for travel mobility scooters, car boot mobility scooters or small mobility scooters, we’ll make sure your specific mobility needs are met.
Shop our great range of fold-up mobility scooters today.

Travel Mobility Scooters

Aeroplanes are no longer a challenge on your holidays through our range of travel mobility scooters, which are aeroplane compliant with most airlines.
Most public transport services, such as buses, trains, and coaches, open their services for travel mobility scooter access by offering priority spaces and additional disability services to help accommodate users.
(However, it’s always safest to plan your journeys in advance for peace of mind! You want to make sure you’ll be looked after, when you are at the airport and on the plane.)
Less worry, more getting on with holidays and the joys of transportation freedom – with a travel mobility scooter, travelling in all its forms comes easier.

Car Boot Mobility Scooters

Car boot scooters are amongst the lightest around – in fact, we offer the world’s lightest car boot scooter, “The Monarch Air.”
Our car boot mobility scooters are the travel essential to getting about with no restrictions on where you can go, when it comes to the car and hitting the open road.
Lightweight mobility scooters are always a good option for regular lifting into your car boot.
For that reason, they are perfect for day trips. Car trips, in all their sizes, can be made stress-free through our feather-light portable mobility scooters; easy to store for car rides and getting about on your travels.

Full Range of Mobility Scooters

We have a full range of mobility scooters available, including a variety of choices in all shapes, colours and sizes.
Whatever your travel needs, there is a Monarch Mobility scooter best suited for you!

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