Folding Mobility Scooters

Monarch’s Folding Mobility Scooters are amongst the lightest and most versatile available on the market.

Sometimes referred to as travel scooters or pavement scooters, each scooter in this collection features a folding mechanism which is both intuitive and simple to operate. As a result any Monarch folding mobility scooter can be folded and unfolded in a matter of seconds.

The perfect travel companion

Compact and amazingly portable, travel scooters are designed to fit easily into almost any car boot. This makes them ideal for shopping excursions, weekends away or regular trips to the supermarket. Even overseas holidays become easier to organise thanks to the aeroplane compatibility of a folding scooter.

Powered by Lithium Batteries

Each scooter in this collection is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries. These modern batteries are incredibly lightweight compared to their conventional equivalent, providing much improved efficiency, range and longevity.

Trust Monarch to keep you mobile!

We promise to always offer the highest standard of service and support, wherever you live in the UK. Our mobility experts will work to your budget and needs, ensuring that together we find the right scooter for you.

Check out the range!

With so many to choose from, our folding mobility scooter range is one of the most extensive in the UK. With countless 5-STAR reviews our scooters have earned the title “customer favourite” time and again. Be sure to take a close look at Mobie Plus, Smarti and the amazingly versatile Mojo Auto and Mojo Manual.

Do you qualify for the Motability Scheme? Call Monarch on 0800 002 9633.