8mph Mobility Scooters

8mph Mobility Scooters are class 3 certified and can be registered for use UK public roads. This makes the 8mph range ideal for use around town and for trips to the shops. Monarch Mobility delivers the highest standard of service and support. We will work to your budget and your needs to find the right 8mph scooter for you. You can always rely on us to keep you mobile!

Contact Monarch Mobility today for advice on choosing the best 8mph scooter. Call 0800 002 9633 to arrange a test drive. Also, don’t forget to ask about Motability options.

8mph Scooters are the largest in our range, with a top speed of 8mph. In addition to their impressive pace, they also offer greater weight capacity and battery life than their 4mph and 6mph counterparts.

Furthermore each of these scooters are class 3 certified. This permits them to be registered for use on UK public roads as well as standard pavement use.

Our 8mph scooter range includes favourites such as the Vogue range, Sprint8 and MM8 models.

Take a look at our 8mph scooter range below or call 0800 002 9633 where a member of our our team is ready and waiting to provide assistance.