Pavement Mobility Scooters

We provide a range of pavement mobility scooters to choose from that are all suited for riding on public paths, pavements, around towns, and at the shops.
4mph mobility scooters are sometimes referred to as “pavement scooters.” They make up a substantial part of our fleet and are by far the most popular choice with our customers.

Class 2 Mobility Scooters

Class 2 mobility scooters are government certified as the only scooters that are allowed on footpaths, pavements, and crossings. You do not need to register for a Class 2 mobility scooter; however, you must register for Class 3 mobility scooters, intended for road use.

4mph Pavement Scooters

Monarch Mobility is the UK’s #1 4mph Mobility Scooter dealership.
4mph pavement scooters are designed specifically for use on pavements, public walkways and in shopping malls, and they are very easy to manoeuvre. With up to 21 stone capacity, they are strong yet compact and lightweight. With a top speed of 4mph (equivalent to a brisk walking pace) you can get about quickly and safely.
Virtually maintenance-free and with an impressive battery range, 4mph mobility scooters are economical to run.

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