Road-legal Mobility Scooters

We have a range of road-legal mobility scooters available with speeds of 6mph to 8mph that are ready and prepped for road use.
All our road-legal scooters are Class-3 certified mobility scooters, designed for use on the road.

Class 3 Mobility Scooters

Class 3 mobility scooters are government certified as the only type of scooter that can be used on the road. The requirements for UK public roads are very specific hence Class 3 scooters must be suited for road use in terms of size, speed and visibility through a larger-than-normal scooter model, higher speeds of 8mph and visible flashing lights for safety reasons.

When first using a road-legal mobility scooter, make sure to familiarise yourself with the road rules for mobility scooters as they are essential for users to manage the roads safely.

8mph Mobility Scooters

The largest and most comfortable road scooters in our range.

Our maximum-speed mobility scooters reach speeds of up to 8mph! Their range is up to 25 miles with a carrying capacity of up to 25 stone, meaning you’re guaranteed to safely get to where you’re going faster with no reduction on what you can bring along on your travels. Our capable road mobility scooters cope easily with varying terrain and can reach top speeds when needed.

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Sprint 8 Mobility Scooter

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