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Aerolight Multi Folding RampAerolight Lifestyle Folding Mobility Scooter Ramp 2

Aerolight-Lifestyle Folding Mobility Ramp

Aerolight-Lifestyle Folding Mobility Scooter Ramp

  • New rigid handles for safety and ease-of-use
  • Safety hinges with pinch protection
  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio scooter ramp available!
  • Incredibly compact for storage
  • Easy vehicle loadingSee the specification tab for all size and measurement details
Aerolight-Up & Over Threshold Ramp KitAerolight Up & Over Threshold Ramp Kit 2

Aerolight-Up & Over Threshold Ramp Kit

Aerolight-Up & Over Threshold Ramp Kit

  • Versatile, quick and easy to deploy
  • Solves most threshold types and heights
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Seamless transition right over the threshold

See the specification tab below for all sizes and measurements.

Aerolight Extra Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Aerolight-Xtra Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Aerolight-Xtra Portable Wheelchair Ramp

  • Folds and clips together for convenient, compact storage
  • Flat hinge underneath for the best possible step clearance
  • Contrasting colour edge strip increases visibility
  • Very easy to carry and deploy
  • Full-width anti-slip surface provides excellent grip
  • Grip surface folds inside when stored and carried for protection and ultimate safety when carrying and deploying
Doorline Neatedge Rubber Threshold RampDoorline Neatedge Rubber Threshold Ramp 2

Doorline Neatedge Rubber Threshold Ramp

Neatedge Rubber Threshold Ramp

  • Extremely versatile – can be used in a huge number of situations
  • Chamfered edges allow easy access from any angle
  • Soft surface great for use in schools and care and nursing homes
  • Ideal for showers or wet rooms
  • Incredible weight capacity – well suited for industrial use

Please take a look at the specification tab to view available sizes

Doorline Wedge Aluminium Door RampDoorline Wedge Aluminium Door Ramp

Doorline Wedge Aluminium Threshold Ramp

Doorline Wedge Aluminium Threshold Ramp

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Excellent grip surface
  • Anodised aluminium finish prevents stains and corrosion
  • Wide range of sizes available

For our available sizes please see the specification tab below.

Doorline-Bridge Threshold RampDoorline-Bridge Threshold Ramp 3

Doorline-Bridge Threshold Ramp

Doorline-Bridge Threshold Ramp

  • Unmatched level of finish to prevent stains and corrosion, and provide years of use
  • Unique comfortable carrying with safety/comfort eyelets on the finger holes
  • Rubber strips to prevent slipping and protect floors
  • Excellent grip surface
  • Extremely lightweight and very quick to deploySee the specification tab for available sizes and measurements


Doorline-Multi Aluminium PVC Door Threshold Ramp

Doorline-Multi PVC Door Threshold Ramp

Doorline-Multi PVC Door Threshold Ramp


  • Unique lip design with rubber anti-slip to safely eliminate threshold damage
  • Designed for use with our Aerolight and Ultralight ramps to easily bridge any threshold.
  • Anodised finish for many years of service
  • Extremely lightweight for quick and easy use, with full 300kg capacity
  • Comfortable, fold-away, rattle-free handle

Please see the specification tab below for measurements.


Rollout Trackway

Rollout-Trackway Access Path


  • Covers grass, gravel and other uneven surfaces for easy wheelchair and pedestrian access
  • Great for events & short-term uses, and can be left in place for long-term use
  • Great value for money due to extreme durability
  • Totally weather resistant with full drainage – perfect for the unpredictable British weatherPlease see the specification tab for all size options.