Mobility Scooter Accessories

Our mobility scooter attachments and accessories offer a variety of benefits and sense of style to your travels. Whatever your travels throw at you, we’ve got the ideal mobility scooter accessories for you!

For those shopping excursions, our mobility scooter trailers come in handy through their easy to attach and quick release storage space. Functioning as a car boot for your mobility scooter, there are even scooter trailers for your four-legged friend available!

If you are looking for even more storage, we additionally offer mobility scooter baskets and scooter travel bags that are ideal for walking stick holders and keeping your possessions in front of you. But what if it rains on your travels? Don’t get caught out for we offer mobility scooter rain covers, waterproof heated blankets and a Visibag to stay protected and visible on the road in overcast weather conditions.

These are all beneficial accessories for disability scooters offering all the solutions that’ll improve your overall mobility experience. However, if you’re browsing for maintenance reasons, make sure to look at our mobility scooter batteries to meet all your restock needs.

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