4mph Mobility Scooters

It’s safe to say that, at Monarch, we specialise in 4mph Mobility Scooters. They make up a substantial part of our fleet and are, by far, the most popular choice with our customers.

5 reasons why 4mph Pavement Scooters are so popular

  1. Designed specifically for use on pavements, public walkways and shopping malls, 4mph mobility scooters are very easy to manoeuvre.
  2. Doorways, corridors and narrow paths are no problem for a pavement scooter!
  3. With up to 21 stone capacity, they are robust yet compact and lightweight. Some models like the all new MOJO and the super popular SMARTI fold in seconds and fit easily into most car boots.
  4. With a top speed of 4mph (equivalent to a brisk walking pace) you can get about quickly and safely.
  5. Virtually maintenance-free and with an impressive battery range, 4mph pavement scooters are economical to run.

All of which means they are a great choice for shopping trips or simply getting around urban areas.

Our best selling 4mph mobility scooters

Highlights of our 4mph mobility scooter range include the brand new MM4, the Multi 4 the popular Mighty Mini! and of course the customers’ favourite Mobie Plus Folding Mobility Scooter.

Ask about our 4mph Mobility Scooter range today!

We are here for YOU! For more information on any of our 4mph mobility scooters simply call our team of mobility experts on 0808 102 2218.

Pavement Scooters

4mph Mobility Scooters are designed for pavements, shopping malls and public walkways. They are compact and efficient, offering good economy as well as ease-of-use. Capable of a top speed of 4mph – a brisk walking pace – these scooters are perfect for trips to the shops.
We promise to always offer the highest standard of service and support, wherever you live in the UK. We will work to your budget and your needs to find the right scooter. You can always rely on us to keep you mobile!
Contact Monarch Mobility today for advice on choosing the best 4mph scooter for you. Call 0808 102 2218 to arrange a test drive. Also, don’t forget to ask about Motability options.

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